Early Sister Missionaries from the Church of Latter Day Saints


Our website is a website about the Missionaries from the Latter-day Saints.  These women were first called to serve full-time proselytizing missions beginning in 1898.  This site is devoted to the research on the early missionary experienced sisters from the Mormon Church from 1898 to 1930.

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Although there is a database with information there is not one article posted yet.  The database has all the women listed and what missions they were posted at.

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If those who are responsible for this blog need to post something soon.  I was at this site yesterday and then there also was nothing.  This is a reasonable subject and this blog could get lots of traffic if the people would at least have one article posted.

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Perhaps this is one of those blogs that never gets going; no traffic or no articles. I would encourage these people to keep going with the blog.  You have the frame work of the site up and a database, there is actually not more to do.


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The History of Easy Sister Missionaries in the Mormon Church

article 3

NKinterblock.eu is a website that tells the history of Early Sister Missionaries. There is an alphabetical list of all women who served full-time missions from 1898 and 1930. When you click on the missionary’s name you will be linked to more information or the mission name will give you a list of all the women who served at that mission.

 LDSbegun in 1989

 Latter-day Saint women were originally called to serve as full-time proselytizing missionaries beginning in 1989 and our site is devoted to the research on these early missionary experiences.

New website

 Being a rather new website we have had help from Webtrafficgeeks.org and some guys at Fiverr.com (non affiliated) to help us get more traffic coming through our website. We also have just started a blog and would love others to come to post any information that have on these women.

LDS or Mormons

LDS movement is also known as the Latter Day Saint or Mormons. We were first a group of independent churches that copiedour early growth to a Christian primitivismdrivestarted by Joseph Smith in the late 1820s.

 Breakaway groups

Our group of churches has had some breakaway groups with some supporting lineal succession of leadership from Smith’s descendants only and another group broke way in order toguard the practice of polygamy.

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