The Entertainment Industry Has Made Way for Drone Technology

The commercial implementation of drone technology is said to make a big impact on the entertainment industry in the US. Recently, the FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, announced that six of the largest US film-making companies would have the option of using drones equipped with camera technology on specific television and movie sets. Before this had ever been decided upon, the FAA was only allowing drones to be used in the wilderness of Alaska; however, legally drones will be able to be seen over some of the most populated cities in all of the United States.

The lesser use of CGI, or computer generated imaging, is a great uprising for the entertainment industry, especially in Hollywood, as these camera equipped drones will be able to provide a more breathtaking view and hopefully change the way we look at footage today.drone

With nearly 40 applications pending from businesses such as Amazon and Cirque du Soliel, the FAA has much on their hands. If we keep our eyes and ears open, we may catch a glance of these drones flying over our heads very soon.